I am writing this letter to express my support for Brandon Johnson, as our next Superior Court judge.

My basis for support stems from my professional and personal relationship. Brandon has always exemplified great skill and care in his legal endeavors.

Words such as truth, fairness, good will, and beneficial, all describe the essence of his character. These words are the basis of fraternal organizations, business models, and personal convictions for proper decision making.

Brandon has been a phenomenal mediator, estate planner, contract preparer, and overall solid example of faith, fairness, and loyalty.

The exceptional nature and scholastic achievements of Brandon’s three children, is a testimony to he and wife Sarah’s love for family and devotion.

His eldest daughter, Emmalee was awarded the distinguished designation of salutatorian for her achievements as a 2020 graduate. Henry and Clara are equally focused and on the path to personal and academic greatness. True parenting that exudes traits of dedication, forgiveness and love.

Brandon’s commitment to righting wrongs and recognizing the big picture of what lies ahead, supports his uncompromised ability to distinguish the positive and often times “imperfect” traits that exists in all humans.

Brandon’s tenure as a well-rounded steward of the law, seeking solutions for those involved, looking at all sides of a situation, boldly stand out.

These traits are what makes Brandon the best choice for our next Superior Court Judge.

Please join me in supporting Brandon Johnson as the most qualified, relevant and top choice for the distinguished position of Superior Court judge.

David Corbett