Three weeks before Donald Trump’s election victory, President Obama stated there is no evidence nor could there be that our election could be rigged by Russia or anyone else. However, it is apparent that some of his government agencies, like the FBI, were planning just that to avoid a Trump presidency.

 Their bias for Hillary Clinton and hatred for Trump is well documented, which included an insurance policy if he was elected. One of the leading FBI agent against Trump was also the head investigator into Clinton’s email violations and who questioned her (without a record of the interview, or placing her under oath and allowing her attorney present).

 Subsequently, FBI Director James Comey publicly declined to prosecute her, although the FBI director had no privilege, statutory or constitutional right to make that decision!

Upon Trump’s election, the insurance policy was instituted: The liberal world, shocked by Trump’s election, immediately exercised its hate against him through every liberal media, challenged every policy he implemented and every word he spoke, calling him a liar, racist, sexist, homophobe, traitor, bully and you name it. Notwithstanding that there was no evidence of collusion, the FBI director and his agents applied to the FISA Court for numerous warrants to spy on Trump and his campaign. Said warrants were issued based upon a document known as the Steele Dossier, which later Comey told President Trump was an unverified and fallacious hearsay that came from the Russians.

 But the truth is that that document was paid for by the Democratic Party and Clinton and was prepared by Clinton’s attorney and Mr. Steele, a once foreign spy and Clinton supporter. Notwithstanding the fact that the FBI had no evidence of collusion, nor any verification of statements in the dossier, that didn’t stop them from leaking false and/or misleading claims of collusion to the press, which it gladly published.

Now, after multiple investigations into Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia by the House, Senate, FBI, US Attorneys Office, CIA and Special Counsel Robert Mueller none of these investigation found any conspiracy/collusion — nor any vote that was changed nor any voting machine affected by Russians. Yet, today, Democrats still continue to proceed with their witch hunt because they believe that that is the only thing they have to beat Trump in 2020.

 Certainly it isn’t their socialist policies.

 No folks, it wasn’t the Russians — it was an unconstitutional coup attempt within our own government, promoted by shameful, shameless, senseless and unpatriotic Democrats and their liberal media. God protect America from these fools!

Jerry Votendahl  

Walla Walla

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