I was thinking about the world situation the other day and had some thoughts. I know, you say time to get out the tin foil hats, but I’ll share them anyway.

I was thinking about the amount of corruption in our Department of Justice, FBI and intelligence agencies, and their involvement in the coup attempt against President Trump. It is a very shameful example of the decline of our country, and I hope they are investigated and punished for their crimes.

I was thinking about a Democratic candidate who was speaking at an Al Sharpton event on TV and noticed how she was using words like “ain’t” and “gunna”, etc. Does she realize she is treating the audience like uneducated, illiterate people? I guess she knows her audience better then I do.

Then I was thinking about the internet and how censorship is common now against certain groups of people. I’ve read stories about people having their bank accounts canceled because of their political views, the same with PayPal and other electronic payments systems canceling peoples accounts, as well as credit card companies and social media platforms.

It made me think of the Bible and the “Mark of the Beast,” which says you won’t be able to buy or sell without it. Could the internet be the Mark of the Beast? I would encourage Christians, conservatives, gun owners and anyone who thinks outside the box to create banks, payment systems, credit companies and social media outlets if they want to survive in this world in the future.

I feel the Democrats will try to implement a system like China’s social credit system that will shut out anyone that opposes them if they regain control of the government.

Now is the time to start planning and opposing the Democrats and their quest for total control over the United States population.

Think about it!

Greg Sterling

     Walla Walla