After nine years of living in Western Washington, my wife and I returned to Walla Walla.

  Following are just some of the reasons for our Western Washington exodus: A thief(s) stole our sons locked bicycle while he was in class at UW-Seattle; shattered a window glass and stole a new coat from the car of our son’s fiancé while she was in class at UW-Tacoma; shattered a window glass and stole a bag of tools from our son’s SUV while parked near the UW-Tacoma campus; cut off the catalytic converter with its internal valuable metals from our son’s truck while he was in class at UW-Tacoma; cut the lock on our horse trailer rear gate and drilled the deadbolt lock of the tack compartment and stole $2,000 worth of equipment, including security cameras; stole our son’s pickup while parked at his Federal Way apartment; unbolted the splice in the storage facility’s chain-link fence, knocked the glass out of the door of my self-contained slide-in camper and stole several hundred dollars’ worth of backpacks and other equipment in Yelm; cut the copper battery cables off of my tractor near Yelm; and stole my motorcycle from the bumper carrier attached to the rear of my truck.

  “It will be cut-up and sold as scrap for drug money,” a Thurston County deputy advised.

 Some non-theft motivations for our exodus included someone vandalizing our SUV, a driver smashing their truck in to the side of my wife’s car and speeding away and a driver hitting with their car he bicycle I was riding, and then speeding away.

Don’t misunderstand, Western Washington was an “horrific” and “dangerous” experience. We lived in constant fear of the next criminal act against a family member.

 Our adult kids, their spouses and children continue to live with that fear because they remain there, heavily invested in careers.

  There are some great aspects of Western Washington culture, but it is all overshadowed by the ugly “collateral culture” born of the so-called “progressive” approach to society.

 It’s not progress, it’s chaos.

 I pray Walla Walla has not disintegrated into the same chaos; That it remains a sanctuary for the rule of law and for responsible individuals who accept and carry-out their responsibilities as citizens.

 Lastly, we have to learn to trust people again and have chosen to place our trust in the people of Walla Walla over Western Washington.

 Stan Smith

 Walla Walla

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