I must first say that I support Walla Walla County Sheriff Mark Crider with his letter to open up the economy.

It is sad that people have lost loved ones, but it is time to focus on the living. There are more than 7.6 million people in this state who need to make a living. I saw in the U-B that Gov. Jay Inslee has called for a 15% budget cut. Is it likely to be significantly more than that?

I know of several individuals who are losing and who have already lost their business. In many cases, their entire life’s effort.

In my support of those in the private sector, I joined many friendly people at the downtown rally. As a believer in the United States Constitution, I exercised my First Amendment rights.

I was not surprised, but I was disappointed, with people driving by giving me the middle finger and calling me names. In my line of work, I have been called many, many names but never have I been referred to as a “scourge.”

It is clear that we as a people are strongly divided in both our political beliefs and our courage in the face of adversity. Be careful what you wish for. The people of Venezuela voted for a “free ride” and look where they’re at!

Chris Leyendecker

Walla Walla