It is obvious we need a change

Information from the latest Pew Research and Forbes reporting shows:

U.S. trade deficit is the worst since President George W. Bush.

We have the largest federal budget deficit in over 50 years, pre-COVID-19. (Latest figures show $5.2 trillion have been added to the national debt by the Trump administration.)

President Trump’s massive tax cut helped the ultra-wealthy; the 400 wealthiest Americans paid the lowest tax rate of any other group.

America has a massive wealth inequality. The top 20% of the wealthiest families earned over 50% of the national income. The middle class has suffered the most.

Among developed countries, the U.S. has the highest level of income inequality.

Regarding the ability of inter-generational income mobility (kids being able to do better than parents), the U.S. is among the three worst in the world.

American prestige is at an all-time low on the world stage. Twenty-five nations rated the U.S. as in decline.

Doing the same thing and expecting different results is one definition of insanity. It is obvious we need a change. There is nothing wise nor stable in electing a lying, immoral president to a second term.

Brenda Kirk

College Place