Most of us would deny that our vote could be bought. However a recent study published in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review indicates, that contrary to accepted knowledge, belief in all statements, be they plausible or implausible, increases with repetition. That is, repeat a lie often enough, and people tend to believe it.

A tremendous sum of money will be spent on this election, and a lot of lies and half-truths will be repeated. You can avoid being bought by mere repetition by looking up the voting record of a person and checking on their character. Platform and performance are also important to avoid being taken by repetition.

The Democratic Party wants abortion. In some states that is up to the moment of birth.

I look at the grandson in my arms and wonder how travel for a few inches in the birth canal and a short passage of time suddenly makes him human, in some minds.

In my view, absent rape, a woman has made a choice to have sex. If pregnancy results, her choice has already been made. For her to take that life is murder.

Yes, the law in some states says that is legal, but so did the law in Germany permit the taking of the life of Jews. History condemned the Germans for that taking of life. If taking of human life of the unborn or Jew is countenances, where does it end?

Safety is a paramount duty of government. Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and a number of other large American cities are currently plagued by riots, looting, arson, and attacks or police.

The riots, loss of property, and more importantly, loss of life could be quickly stopped if the Democrats in charge would follow the law and have the rioters arrested, charged and sentenced.

The largest cities in America have been run be the Democratic Party for the past 50 to 100 years. If this party cannot provide prosperity and basic safety in our largest cities, why would we expect better performance if the whole country is in its hands?

Don’t let the megaphone of media influence your vote this election. Make sure the people and party you support also support what you believe.

Ted Richerzhagen

College Place