It’s good to get differing points of view and make up your own mind based on the facts presented. The first electric school bus had a big reception in Tacoma due to the presence of Gov. Jay Inslee, a champion of “green” energy, especially on the presidential campaign trail. According to the article, “A full electric charge can power the bus to travel 120 miles.” The electric bus also costs $450,000 compared to the normal $150,000.

 Fifty buses will be purchased around the state, at least partially funded with money from a 2015 Volkswagen settlement. They state: “The buses will eliminate 68,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and cut nitrogen oxide emissions by 70 tons over the lifetime of the vehicles.” Life of the vehicles is 10 years.

According to the Washington Policy Center, the state of Washington is paying 150 times as much as it should to reduce CO2 emissions. They state: “Taxpayers are spending $240,000 to get $1,560 worth of environmental benefit” and “Put another way, for every dollar worth of CO2 emissions reduction from an electric bus, taxpayers spend almost $154. Rather than $10 to reduce one MT of CO2, taxpayers are spending $1,538.”

 You decide if the hype is valid, or just that. We should know for sure within 10 years.

Jim Davison


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