I often wonder how others evaluate whether they are going to read a letter by the headline or think that it is a waste of time. I’m finding that to be an interesting challenge.

The first one that sticks in my mind was the scientists are the physicians of the Earth? Each and every physician should have been offended to be put in the class of computer generated diagnosis and solutions from supposed scientists. A medical doctor (physician) spends multiple years in medical schools and upon graduating voluntarily takes the “Hippocratic Oath,” which is a far cry from a college degree. The example for this is John Kerry (yes, you know the person who was photographed with Jane Fonda at a Vietnam War protest) testified before Congress on global warming. Mr. Kerry has a degree in political science. Does that make Mr. Kerry an authority on the subject?

I must commend Steve Singleton to preserve his sanity with the letters that try to discredit him with the credentials of “I’m a scientist.” The example of Mr. Kerry above is a reason that there are thousands of scientists out there but only means that they are computer literate and that does not make them an authority.

Another letter that was challenging to read was headlined “No time for silence.” The Mueller report has been signed, sealed and delivered to the Congress and was not what the Democrats wanted to read. The report stated that there was no collusion and no obstruction that could be legally proven in court against the president of the United States. In turn, Attorney General William Barr has assigned a special investigator to investigate the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. We will also wait for the inspector general’s report to be released in the near future. While the majority of the House goes bonkers while they continue frivolous investigations.

While we wait for the outcome of the special investigator you will find that the negligence of the Obama administration has the department leaders of the past administration starting to cannibalize each other such as James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper. This will make a very interesting report.

The easiest way to bring bipartisan support to the House of Representatives would be to offer President Donald J. Trump’s tax returns for the release of ex-President Barack Obama’s college records.

Myron Wallmow

Walla Walla


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