Don’t fool yourself. They are coming for your guns. The socialism that the Democrats are pushing will not work unless they are able to take over industry and the energy companies and the banks and everything else. People will fight back. Or at least they will if they are able.

When only the government and the bad guys have guns to either defend their own rights or take away your right to defend yourself against them, we will be Venezuela North.

The socialists like Bernie Sanders, who know such better how and where you should live or spend your money or what to eat (if there is any food left and you can afford it, I.e. Venezuela again) will be fine, eating steak in their air-conditioned mansions (Bernie himself has three houses!) but not you or I. We will be living in houses with no A.C., eating whatever we can scrounge and walking everywhere because they took away our cars.

The first step to controlling the population is to take away their means of fighting back. That’s what Nicolás Maduro did in Venezuela (oh, it was his second step after nationalizing the oil industry and taking over the farms and every other means of production) and then the people became subject under his thumb instead of citizens. That is what the Democrats seems to want here in America. They call it democratic socialism because it means that the Democrats will be in control.

And the Walmart shoppers who still cling to their Bibles, and their Constitution (but not their guns, because the government took those) will be serfs, trying to grow the food that the elite want to eat without tractors or trucks or any mechanical means that isn’t solar or wind powered.

So let’s be smart about gun control and realize that the cities with the strictest gun laws like Chicago or Washington, D.C., still lead the nation in murders. Enacting more gun laws won’t stop a determined guy with a grudge or a beef with someone about something, or just a guy with a screw loose, from getting a gun.

 But know this. More bad things are stopped from happening by a good guy with a gun than there are mass shootings. And more ineffective gun laws aren’t going to do any good.

Larry Wright

Walla Walla

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