Individual and collective rights or privileges?

It is high time constructive common sense prevails regarding the absolute right of Walla Walla City Council members Myron Huie and Susan Nakonieczny to have attended the Saturday rally.

It is very troubling that they have to endure the totally unjustified criticism, even by their own colleagues on the Council.

The comments from Council member Steve Moss and Mayor Tom Scribner would lead one to believe that as a Council member, you are not allowed to have a varying opinion from that of the body.

Talk about intimidation through Marxist mind control better known as “political correctness.”

This is totally bereft of the Democratic process! What ever happened to the rights granted under the First Amendment — and since when do we want to elect Council members who don’t feel free to express their own opinion?

Kudos to Huie and Nakonieczny for having the intestinal fortitude to be their own person, unlike the kind of milquetoast leadership that takes the path of least resistance, resembling a bunch of sheep that go along to get along.

Dean Davis