The government compels me to obtain a driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle on public streets. The government compels me to buy sufficient liability insurance to cover any accident I might cause or be involved in or at least have proof of very extensive financial capability. The government compels me to register and re-register the vehicle annually and to keep proof of my license, the registration and insurance in the vehicle anytime it is not on my private property. Any law enforcement officer can compel me to show him or her my license, the insurance and the registration at any appropriate time they deem it necessary. Such laws enabling law enforcement are here to protect public health and safety.

How is it the government can be so compelling? The answer is police power. And police power has been with us as long as there has been government.

Since good sense is apparently lacking in Walla Walla, suffice it to say the government has the police power to compel any and all individuals to get a vaccination in order to prevent the further outbreak of disease and to preserve and protect public health and safety.

Charles Potts

Walla Walla

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