In May 20 letter to the editor, Jan Foster listed these subjects of municipal art (incomprehensible abstracts and whimsical animals aside) in downtown Walla Walla.

The Treaty Chief Peopeomoxmox

A fireman

A man having a moment with his dog

A man harvesting wheat

An infantryman

The medical missionary Marcus Whitman

 Then she asked, “What’s missing here?”

 I know the answer, Jan Foster! Call on me!

 The answer is a man harvesting grapes for wine.

That’s not the answer? OK, a man picking onions.

 No? Dr. Stephen B. L. Penrose, president of Whitman College for 40 years? Nig Borleske coaching Whitman ballplayers? Drew Bledsoe throwing a football?

No, Jan, don’t call on those women waving their hands over there. What do women know?

You can’t cut me off, Editorial Page Editor Rick Eskil. I’m nowhere near the 400-word limit. No, Rick, give me a ...

 Martin McCaw

 Walla Walla  

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