What makes the Walla Walla Valley the Walla Walla Valley? Is it the rolling hills of wheat, the Sweet Onions, the grapes?

Regardless of personal opinion about the keystone feature of the region, the reality is that all of these agricultural assets to the community will be affected by climate change. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can decrease the quality of grapes, and unpredictable frosts will lower grape yields and decrease the value of the crop.

The economic and social future of this region depends on direct climate action now.

Without policy changes statewide, nationwide, and globally, expensive and increasingly ineffective adaptation becomes our only option, which ultimately deals only with current CO2 emissions, and not the increasing levels of the future.

“Solutions” such as blowing cold air over vineyards are outrageously expensive and do not deal with the increasing problems of our future. We need to enact a Green New Deal in order to protect our local community, our country, and fulfill our responsibility to this world.

Anna Allgeyer

Walla Walla

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