Every time a person accepts “free” stuff from the government, he loses a modicum of control over his life. This can merge into a sense of worthlessness.

Today, some are proposing the government provide all sorts of free services. As more people become dependent on government, the government can control the supply of housing, food, medical care, educations, what jobs you can do, how much you can be paid and what you can believe. Their plan is to gradually create a socialist society in the image of the old Soviet Union, Venezuela and Cuba.

In 1996, the Republican-controlled Congress presented a bill dubbed “Workfare,” which required welfare recipients to look for work or job training. They had two years to comply. To his credit, President Clinton signed the bill. Welfare rolls began to drop as more people found work. President Obama scuttled that legislation.

Thanks to President Trump’s policies favorable to business, there are more jobs available than there are workers to fill them. Unemployment is the lowest it has been for decades thus lowering the dependency on government. We need to re-elect President Trump and elect enough real Republican legislators to support the president and lessen dependency on government.

Jesus said we will always have the needy with us. They do need some type of help to satisfy those needs. In Matthew 25 in the New Testament, Jesus said his followers should supply those needs, not government welfare. Many of Jesus’ followers do, but there are more who should.

I believe that if all of Jesus’ followers gave of their finances and time to help those in need, there would be no need for government welfare.

Here in Walla Walla, the Walla Walla Homeless Alliance and Christian Aid Center along with other Christian groups, the Jewish community and some without any religious affiliation do a great job working to help the needy.

There will probably always be government welfare. It should be used as a last resort.

Victor R. Phillips

Walla Walla

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