Syndicated columnist Hugh Hewitt never fails to disappoint. Some weeks back he compared President Trump's dealings with the president of Ukraine to Jefferson paying Napoleon for Louisiana. "Quid pro quo," he said. A closer analogy would be Trump standing at the end of a pier with a life ring and dickering rental with a drowning man.

On May 10, Hewitt went to bat for Gen. Michael Flynn. Hugh's ideals, he says, are shattered by the FBI "framing" Flynn and undermining the transition. Apparently he sees nothing wrong with Flynn's negotiating with the Russians during the transition.

Flynn just as apparently did see something wrong with it because that is what he lied about. He lied to a Washington Post reporter and when the reporter published the lie, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus asked Flynn about it. Then, wanting to make certain, Vice President Mike Pence asked Flynn about it. That's when the FBI got into it. Trump and his troop of Fox evening head-nodders all say that the "dirty" FBI tricked Flynn into lying.

Hugh wants an investigation into what underhanded tactics those FBI guys used to make Flynn lie. I want to know what tactic did Priebus use. And can we get Mike Pence to reveal by what dark power he got the general to lie to him? Was Pence in on the "frame up"?

On Dec. 17  Flynn said "I freely admit I willfully and knowingly made false, fictitious and fraudulent statements..." He said that under oath. I've a hunch the tactic that Pence, Priebus and the G-men used to get a lie from Flynn is one they borrowed from the reporters around Trump to trick Trump into lying: Just ask him a question.

Hewitt goes on to express umbrage at "China's general failure to disclose what it knew about the virus early on..." Trump was warned early on but those sources were all U.S. intelligence and public health experts so, of course, the president brushed them off and decided to listen to the Chinese and the WHO instead. He now says they were lying to him.

One might wonder how the Very Stable Genius was so gulled by the Chinese but somehow Angela Merkel saw right through them. So did the presidents of New Zealand South Korea and numerous others.

The Chinese Communist Party is responsible for much evil, but the fact that the USA has 5% of the world's population and 30% of the COVID deaths is all Trump's trophy. USA #1 again.

Mark Raddatz

 Walla Walla