Conservatives — it is time to recognize reality.

I get it. Olympia is remote. The entire Legislature revolves around issues that are of little importance, and maybe even damaging, to the people who have lived and worked here in Walla Walla for generations.

Seattle and Amazon and Microsoft are the behemoths that dictate our state policies. I have talked to people here who feel like we are powerless — that nobody is listening to the voices of Eastern Washington.

There is a reason for that. It is partisanship. The state is dominated by the districts where the people are, and that is the Seattle/Everett/Tacoma metroplex. Having come from that world I see an opportunity to make our different perspective heard by electing Danielle Garber Reser to the state Senate.

She lives here and she is a Democrat. They can’t ignore her or wave her away. They have to include her in the Democratic caucus. She can speak for us and represent our point of view and push back on the one-size-fits all solutions imposed by the urban Western Washington Legislature.

Jennifer King

 Walla Walla