When I think of the traits I want to see in someone representing us in the state Senate, several come to mind: Integrity, experience, wisdom, compassion and the ability to make decisions based on analysis and sound facts. These traits, and more, are readily exemplified in Danielle Garbe Reser.

I have had the privilege of getting to know and work with Danielle during the four years she was chief executive officer for the Donald and Virginia Sherwood Trust.

From my first introduction, I was struck by Danielle’s competency. No matter the topic or question, Danielle seemed to know how to steer the ship and analyze and problem solve. Her experience in the diplomatic world was evident in her poise and confidence in her communication and people skills.

Her ability to connect, listen and actively engage, whether with a colleague, a neighbor or a young person, was evident.

Her wide range of experience in so many arenas and situations, including overseas assignments in high conflict situations, built her compassion and wisdom to see the world in all its complexity and diversity, and to walk from it with resilience and empathy.

Danielle holds our community and values of diversity, equity and inclusion to the highest standing.

She is grounded in the realization that we are all trying to make the world a safer, more connected place in which to live and thrive. Danielle will do an outstanding job of representing our 16th Legislative District in the Senate in Olympia.

Teri Barila

Walla Walla