Twenty-seven years ago I met Danielle Garbe Reser, and I have been impressed by her integrity, intelligence, kindness, problem-solving capabilities and her dedication to our country ever since.

Danielle was born and raised in Eastern Washington, and after years of serving our country globally and nationally, Walla Walla called her home.

I trust that she will hear all of her Walla Walla constituents and use her vision and catalytic energy to create positive change throughout our Valley. My experience of Danielle is that she walks her talk.

And as a business owner in the realm of agriculture, I know that Danielle will be advocating for our needs in Olympia. Her family farms, and she understands agricultural issues firsthand.

Join me in voting for Danielle for state Senate this November. Danielle is the candidate to advocate for Walla Wallans in Olympia.

Nina Buty

Walla Walla