As the mayor of College Place, I know first-hand the importance of effective and collaborative public service leadership. That is why I am encouraging everyone to invest in yourself and elect Danielle Garbe Reser to be our next state senator.

A vote for  Garbe Reser is not about political affiliations or about a “wing,” it is about changing the people we have sent to Olympia that have failed to provide us with proper and bold representation.

In my work in economic development to improve the regional economy and increase employment opportunities, I had the pleasure of getting to know Garbe Reser and watch her in action.

In her former capacity as the CEO of the philanthropic Sherwood Trust,Garbe Reser begun the Rural Funders’ Tour which has attracted over $500,000 of outside investments to directly improve our region in just three short years.

I have personally seen how Garbe Reser is a problem-solver and community helper. No matter your political persuasion or groups you identify with, Garbe Reser does not prejudice; she simply and sincerely cares about working with all citizens to solve problems and meet our challenges.

Voters—  please don’t miss out on our opportunity to elect a truly unbiased leader to represent us in the state Senate.

Norma L. Hernández

College Place