Danielle Garbe Reser is an exceptional candidate running for our state Senate. Inspired by the decorated military service of her grandfather, an Army veteran of WWII and the Korean War, she is dedicated to serving both our country and our local community.

Danielle grew up in Eastern Washington and now is the wife of local fifth generation farmer, Todd Reser.

Since moving to Walla Walla she has had a very successful tenure as CEO of Sherwood Trust, which included overseeing$30 million in assets and helping to bring a $500,000 in grants to our region. Her work helped create jobs, improved infrastructure and strengthened area nonprofits.

Danielle began her career after graduating from Whitman College, and then earning a masters in public administration from Columbia University on a full-ride scholarship. She served as a diplomat for 14 years in hardship posts at U.S. embassies in Beirut, Lebanon and Jakarta.

She served on Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s staff during the George W. Bush administration and then on the National Security Council staff during the Obama administration.

She had special assignments as diplomatic advisor for the Senate to the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committee and at the Department of Energy working on global energy issues and climate change.

After this amazing career in service to our country, Danielle returned to her roots here in Eastern Washington to serve our area working for rural families, veterans, farmers, local businesses and the marginalized.

She currently serves on Whitman’s Presidential Advisory Board and is a member of Walla Walla’s Noon Rotary Club.

Danielle has the bipartisan experience to work across the aisle in Olympia. She knows how the government works and how to get things done. Vote for Danielle in the Aug. 4 primary — she is the best candidate, an exceptional person and the experienced voice we need as our senator in Olympia.

Patricia Donovan

Walla Walla