We are fortunate in the 16th Legislative District to have a superb candidate for the state Senate: Danielle Garbe Reser, a Democrat.

In addition to her ability to communicate with people, Danielle beats all competition based on her knowledge and experience.

Danielle, a native of Eastern Washington, knows this district. She graduated from Whitman College in the 1990s.

After a brilliant career in diplomatic service she returned to Walla Walla to manage the Sherwood Trust, a major philanthropic organization. Her excellent service at the Sherwood Trust was recognized nationally.

In that job she learned firsthand how to do the hard part of a political representative’s job: Cultivating scarce resources and allocating them among more worthy recipients than can be satisfied.

More than any other candidate, Danielle knows how to do the crucial work of a state Senator.

Danielle’s experience shows that she will make her knowledge work well for us. In the variety of jobs in the federal government Danielle held before returning to Walla Walla, Danielle developed her capacity to work productively with competing, even antagonistic, interests to solve tricky policy problems.

Danielle is the clear choice to serve us in the state Senate.

Michael de Grasse

 Walla Walla