I’m supporting Danielle Garbe Reser to be our next state senator because she has the leadership skills, integrity, and compassion required to address our challenges.

Danielle’s successful track record as former Sherwood Trust CEO speaks volumes of her capabilities. I served as an advisory member of Sherwood Trust and witnessed Danielle’s ability to deal with people in a sensitive and effective way. She provided guidance in overseeing millions in assets and investing over $1 million annually to improve our communities.

I know Danielle will be fair, transparent and decisive. She asks questions to get to the heart of the matter. I trust her to be responsible with our tax dollars.

Danielle got westside donors to pay attention to our community needs by inviting them here to learn about our region. Over three years, that work brought over half a million dollars in outside investment to this region.

She received a national award in 2019 for creating this successful rural investment initiative. As our future state senator, I know Danielle will build strong partnerships to help our region and state be successful.

As a former Walla Walla Community College administrator, I appreciated Danielle’s skills in enhancing Sherwood Trust’s leadership training programs in partnership with WWCC.

She knows how valuable our community colleges are to build the skilled workforce our local economies need. She is committed to affordable post-secondary training programs and education.

As someone who has lived overseas, I also have deep respect for Danielle’s diplomatic career helping protect Americans abroad. The adaptability, flexibility, and cross-cultural understanding required to represent America overseas are the skills Danielle will apply in Olympia as state senator.

Danielle has served our country and our communities. Please join me in voting for Danielle  to serve as our next state senator.

Kathy Small

Walla Walla