I read the letter from Kevin Reniche in the May 13 paper.

Mr. Reniche seems to be upset concerning the downtown rally on the previous Saturday. Apparently he did not like it when those people were exercising their rights guaranteed by the U.S Constitution. (Wow.)

"There is a weird flag waving right next to the organizer. That is the flag of a far-right fringe group called the Three Percenters. It is a para-military group, a milita," Mr. Reniche wrote. (That just scares the hell out of me, people voicing their Constitution rights!)

"Anti-government, racist gun nuts took center stage and even duped two gullible City Council members into shaming themselves along with them," he wrote.  (Another wow!)

I for one, absolutely love the fact we can protest, demonstrate, bad mouth our government officials, vote for whomever we want, pack a gun, etc.

These freedoms are not found anywhere else in the world. My suggestion to those who don't agree with these freedoms is look around and see if they can find a better place to live.

 Tony M. Tabor Sr.

Walla Walla