I find it necessary to respond to your April 9 editorial, “Free college for all is too much.”

May I remind you that the GI Bill was introduced to veterans to give them a boost. In turn they elevated their status to higher-paying jobs that resulted in taxes back to the government. 

As a veteran I will vouch for the fact that my tax dollars earned with a college degree paid back more to the government than what they paid me for my college education. 

If a subsidized education system works for veterans, why not expand that to the high school graduates? I personally would support a program that enables every high school graduate the opportunity to obtain the highest level of education that they are mentally able to achieve.

My parents paid taxes, which supported my education via the GI Bill. I worked to make extra money to provide adequate food and housing while in college. 

I did not have a loan, but I did pay back into the U.S. tax system more than what the government provided for my education. I think your editorial misses the mark and you should reconsider your position.

As a veteran I am somewhat offended by your “Free college for all is too much.” My “free college” was repaid plus extra for the next person. 

Free college for all would boost our economy and help to lower taxes by reducing the number of people who are relying on food stamps, welfare and other support programs in order to survive. 

College is not for everyone, but everyone should have the opportunity to receive the highest level of education they are mentally capable of achieving. 

Socialized education is a step in the right direction. Take the financial barrier away and you will see a dramatic difference in our society. It works for veterans and it will work for high school graduates as well.

 Robert Keatts

 Walla Walla