When I was 5 or 6 my hand was crushed by a heavy door. The resulting injury was so bad the doctor recommended amputation of a finger to save the hand.

The nurse, disagreeing with the doctor, took charge. After a month of excruciating pain from daily cures the finger was saved.

That exceptional registered nurse was my mother. Many years later I became a medical docto).

In many instances when a demure nurse whispered a different clinical course of action I just had to take a look at my hand, then I’d listened attentively. In my long medical career, instances like this saved the day.

I was always happy to high five — with all my fingers, of course!

When I heard that a nurse, Frances Chvatal, was running for state representative in Legislative District 16, I took a look at my recovered hand, and my immediate reaction was to support her.

Her impressive career at St. Mary Medical Center in Walla Walla, Harborview Medical in Seattle, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and more than 10 years managing a medical unit with more than 100 staff convinced me she is eminently qualified for the job in Olympia.

And all these professional assets had risen from a solid character structure. Her religious upbringing and her moral discipline had been chiseled on her by generational family values.

She was raised on a farm near Touchet changing sprinkler pipes, driving wheat trucks and caring for farm animals. Sensibilities for human values come first from hands-on experiences.

Added to all of the above is the fact that Frances is a woman.

In my view the sensibility to understand complicated political and governance problems with the rigors of modern evidence base is more holistic coming from having been a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother.

This time our candidate should be Frances. She is convinced it is in her hands to help create a better district, a better state and a better country.

So let’s help Frances by voting for her for the good of our district! Coming November I can’t wait to high five with all of you. She should win hands down!

Carlos F. Acevedo, M.D.

Walla Walla