I would never suggest that Steve Singleton should be prevented from sharing his denial of the facts of global warming with U-B readers.

But the “debate” he wants to have on the subject is far more one-sided than he seems willing to admit.

The solid consensus among scientists about the role of greenhouse gases has been confirmed and validated by several studies in peer-reviewed journals. Anyone can go online and look up any of the following author-date citations and judge the results for themselves: Oreskes, 2004; Doran, 2009; Anderegg, 2010; Cook, 2013; Verheggen, 2014; Stenhouse, 2014; or Carlton, 2015.

Each of these studies show that between 90 percent and 97 percent of scientists believe that global warming is real and it’s caused almost entirely by heat-trapping gases produced by burning fossil fuels.

Other U-B letter writers suggest that the vast amount of field research on melting glaciers, thawing permafrost, rising sea levels, acidifying oceans, flooding rivers, drought-driven wildfires and increasingly volatile weather extremes should be ignored or discounted because this evidence cannot be tested in a laboratory.

The last time global annual average temperatures — that is weather records collected all over the world and averaged over an entire year — recorded a new low was in 1911. The year 1912 tied that record, but every year since then has been warmer, year after year. No possible natural cause matches that 100-plus years of warmer temperatures. The growth of fossil fuels over that 100 years needs no explanation.

A wise man once said sometimes it takes a great deal of effort to notice something that’s staring you in the face.

If you can come up with an explanation for global warming — some natural cause beyond volcanoes, cosmic rays, sun spots or wobbles in the Earth’s orbit — that explains the steady, persistent increase in annual temperature for the last 100 years, you are either smarter than 90 percent of the world’s climate scientists, or you are grievously misinformed.

Bart Preecs

 Walla Walla