It has been a delight to have watched Roger Esparza grow into a strong community leader over the many years I have known him.

Flashback to 2005, when Commitment to Community was being created, our local neighborhood engagement program under Blue Mountain Action Council. Roger joined with the early organizers by walking the streets of several neighborhoods, getting the pulse on issues of safety, connection, resources  and local government.

I have admired Roger’s interest in working with us as a volunteer in many instances. Roger is blessed to be both bilingual and bicultural.

Through his energy and warm, empathic style, he enhances the ability to connect and develop relationships. Having been born and raised here, Rogers know Walla Walla County very well. He brings his own unique experience to our diverse community to the table.

I have watched him build his skills over the years as he gifted his time and energy to our youth, serving as both a mentor and board member through the Friends of Children program.

Roger has served our youth in a wide variety of ways. He has built leadership and community engagement skills through his participation in the Sherwood Trust Leadership Class. He served as a member and president of the Community Council as well as the Walla Walla Valley Chamber and the Walla Walla Downtown Foundation Board.

Roger’s clear thinking makes him a wise decision maker. I am convinced he has brought a strong sense of community and diversity to the county. His obvious contribution to a safer and stronger community will continue throughout the county.

This young man I met in 2005 commands my high respect, trust and my vote.

Please join me in bringing Roger’s voice and energy to Walla Walla County as our new commissioner.

Teri Barila

Walla Walla