Drawing closure to Sunday’s historical article

I wrote a rather long historical article about the early years in Walla Walla that was published in the Union-Bulletin on Sunday. It ended rather abruptly due to the fact it was cut by the paper, probably due to its length.

To draw closure to the piece, I submit the last paragraph of that manuscript:

I am happy to claim membership in Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation that won a war, valued human life, had fairly honest politicians, a functional government, saw policeman as friends (not pigs), had a good work ethic and could be trusted to do the right thing when dealing with others. They also had positive values that dictated life’s direction. This generation leaves you, the reader, with a dysfunctional federal government, massive debt and global warming. We didn’t create it, but we allowed it to happen. For this we apologize.

Bob Freeman

Walla Walla