As we approach the time to elect a president and others to represent us in Washington, D.C., I would like to comment.

First, however, let me tell you that I have been a registered Republican since I cast my first vote for Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s and I now stand bewildered about the ineptness and corruption that has become the GOP. It is no longer the Grand Old Party, the party of Abe Lincoln. It is now the Trump Party and I no longer recognize it in its current form.

Therefore I am faced with choices. Must I support an administration that lies, exaggerates and supports unconfirmed conspiracy theories? Must I support a president who is either unable or unwilling to unite and lead us?

Are you as dismayed as I am about this president’s penchant for belittling people and calling them derogatory names? This is the action of a 10 year old and unbefitting anyone holding office.

There may be those who believe that these last few years with Donald Trump have been productive, but I wholeheartedly disagree.

The few worthwhile efforts have produced few solid results. When things do not go the way this president wishes he cannot even take responsibility.

Instead he finds ways to blame others. The prospect of dealing with his tantrums and paranoia with the media and the press “picking” on him has left me dumbfounded.

Of course they pick on him: His own conduct promotes it. If he could stop the crazy, outlandish tweets and also give some constructive thought before he speaks it would be helpful, but I fear he cannot change or modify his radical behavior.

The fact that he admires autocrats like Putin in Russia and Un in North Korea is frightening. It implies that he favors one-man rule over a constitutional republic, further evidenced by his disregard for our Constitution and continual need to flaunt the rule of law, which he has promised to uphold.

This country is in insurmountable pain and anguish and we are saddled with a president who cannot even offer words of comfort and unity, but instead promotes confusion, derision and ill will. His lack of empathy is shocking and his inability to unite us is pathetic. Even when he does attempt words of contrition, his feeble attempt appears bumbling and insincere.

We do need wisdom and stability in government and, unfortunately, the current president is unable or unwilling to provide either.

I urge you to vote, but please give careful consideration to your choice. A return to the nightmare of this administration would be a disastrous mistake.

Al Van Cleave

Walla Walla