The potential action against the police officer who was an honorably discharged U.S. Marine is taking political correctness to the worse degree possible.

The symbol that has caused the ruckus is not a symbol of the Nazi government, army or another affiliate in the 21st century.

People are looking for something to cause a ruckus about and your newspaper and the City Council have taken the bait.

This country is rapidly going down to a police state. No not our local police but a police state at the state and federal level run but people who think they should control what people think, say and do.

The land of the free is no longer in existence in the United States. It is now the land of the loudest, most liberal noise. This makes me very sad.

To say that the news media has been the biggest contributor to this state of affairs would be an understatement.

I can only pray, if I am still allowed to do so, that the people of this great nation wake up and realize what is happening around them and how it will impact their lives and the lives of the coming generations. It seems “1984” is upon us.

Steven E. Potts

Fullerton, California