The Democrats in Congress hate President Trump. They can’t stand the fact that he was elected, and they want him gone.

Obviously, the sore losers are determined to do anything and everything to remove Trump from office. They constantly accuse, belittle and harass. They call our president a liar, a danger to America, and an immoral jerk. All the good he’s done for the country is ignored.

The Democrats decided to impeach Trump, but they couldn’t find one shred of honest, credible evidence against him. So, they lied, then made up more lies.

They were caught in their lies, but kept on lying and accusing. Their attempts to disgrace Trump failed.

But, the Democrats are promising to keep on investigating so they can attempt another impeachment.

Keep in mind, the Democrats think that their buddy, Rep. Maxine Waters, is right when she smirks and proclaims, “God is on our side!”

Well, God is on everyone’s side, in that He loves us. But, He doesn’t love sin!

It’s my opinion that the congressional Democrats are defending and promoting many things that prove they aren’t on God’s side. God says we are either with Him or against Him, and His Word makes it clear what sin is.

If we truly want to be on God’s side, all of us need to be clear about this, in a world where right is called wrong, and wrong is called right. God will always be on our side, loving us and forgiving us when we repent of our sins.

There doesn’t appear to be repentance among the Democrats in Congress. They have arrogantly set themselves up as judges, and have displayed a total lack of honesty and fairness as they persist in their goal of destroying President Trump.

If they continue to go for the high ground as they mock God and wrongly claim moral superiority, at some point, they will have to come to grips with what God says about that!

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla