We hear a phrase about President Trump from the media. They say he is an "existential threat" to America.

The only existential threat to America is from the left, the Democratic Party. Its values are not the values that made America great. Its values will not bring anything good to America.

It does not bring prosperity or freedom or value to anything. What do Democrats value? Higher taxes, free stuff (paid for by higher taxes on everyone) college debt relief (paid for by higher taxes on people who didn't borrow that money).

More government control of successful industries that the government will ruin (more regulations and higher prices plus higher energy costs).

Democrats want to decriminalize illegal border crossing. California has already decriminalized theft under $900 as well as most quality of life crimes. The streets of San Francisco are covered with feces and used needles (not straws ‚ those are banned). New York City has eliminated bail misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies so criminals are just given a goodie bag and released with a pinkie swear to show up in court. So they go out and commit more crimes.

Our economy is booming under President Trump. Wages are up across the board. Small businesses are expanding and flourishing.

The border is being closed to illegals and drugs. We are all better than we were three  years ago. We export energy instead buying it abroad.

If you like your country and want to keep it free and safe and prosperous, then reject the real existential threat. The Democratic Party.

Larry Wright

Walla Walla