I was both confused and embarrassed to see that throngs of people showed up waving their American flags to defend Walla Walla Police Officer Nat Small’s First Amendment right to have an “SS” tattoo.

Those who think they are being patriotic and are only defending a constitutional right might want to take a step back and realize they are also defending a symbol used by the Nazi regime.

If you don’t remember the Nazis, I encourage you to ask a veteran. Perhaps you know of a grandfather or father (or maybe it was you!) who went to war with the American flag on his back to fight against the symbol you now try to defend today.

Just because some misguided Marines — Officer Small included — decided that the SS symbol could mean anything they want it to, that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to accept it.

The Marines certainly didn’t. They banned the symbol for Scout Snipers in 2012. Please recognize there are very few acts less patriotic than defending a Nazi — regardless of what the bearer of that tattoo thinks it means.

Lets hope no one accidentally adopts a Taliban or Boko Haram symbol in the future because you’ll have to go wave your American flag to defend that, too.

Justin Roberts

Walla Walla