I applaud the U-B for printing the Declaration of Independence each year. This has a special significance for me as a member of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) thanks to my paternal great-great-great-grandfather John Singleton, who fought in the Revolutionary War three years from December 1776 including winter at Valley Forge.

As with many Americans, my family defended our Constitution, flag and country down through many generations to my own contributions (much less significant) during wars from Vietnam to Beirut to Desert Storm.

So how preposterous for someone to claim that President Trump, my Marine/Navy/Army buddies, 63 million-plus voters and I are traitors to our Constitution and country? What an insulting absurdity from David Higgins (letter to the editor June 20) who once wrote, “I know I’m about ready to start shooting Trumpers” (Walla2Progressives website). Biased mainstream media brainwashing is unfortunate.

Inaccurate comments about Iran from Dick Swenson (letter to the editor June 19) claimed the Shah replaced Mohammed Mossadegh using “CIA thugs.” Mosaddegh and his Communist Party (Tudeh) supporters were welcoming Soviet Union influence to create a “People’s Republic of Iran.” A book I obtained in Tehran by Iranian Gen. Hassan Arfa, “Under Five Shahs” explains what actually occurred, as does “Counter Coup” by Kermit Roosevelt (grandson of Teddy), an OSS/CIA veteran and hardly a “CIA thug.” Shah Pahlavi was cheered by millions of Iranians when he returned in 1953 and while I was in Tehran (1966-1969) during his coronation. How tragic that the wonderful Iranian people have had to suffer a theocratic regime of despotic Ayatollahs since the Shah was replaced in 1979.

Bart Preecs (letter to the editor July 9) provided more unreliable information from his Citizens’ Climate Lobby perspective. Yes, many natural forces exist for warming and cooling of climate including those he mentioned. Some minor impact of human CO2 emissions is detectable but insignificant and not a driver of serious warming. For truth, reality and solid research read “Evidence-based Climate Science (Data opposing CO2 emissions as the primary source of global warming),” edited by Don Easterbrook.

To answer the final claim by Preecs, rather than a “steady, persistent increase in annual temperature for the last 100 years” (1919-2019) there have been several cooling cycles. Remember the fear of an oncoming ice age by some scientists prior to and including the 1970s (cooling period 1945-1977) and also the 15-year hiatus from 1998-2013?

Paraphrasing Lenin, lies told 90-97 times do not become the truth.

Steve Singleton

Walla Walla

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