What percent of the population do you think has actually tested positive for COVID-19? 10%? 5%? What percent have died?

Let’s look at the percentages for the United States, for Washington state and for Walla Walla County.

Although total numbers are interesting, percentages are better because they take the total population into account. Most data reported will list total numbers and numbers per million. If you take the numbers per million and move the decimal four times, you get a much better understood number … a percent.

So, what percent of the population has actually tested positive for COVID-19 thus far?

United States: 0.46% About half of 1 percent.

Washington State: 0.26% About a quarter of 1 percent.

Walla Walla County: 0.18%. About a fifth of 1 percent.

What percent of the population has died thus far?

United States: 0.028%. About 3/100 of one percent.

Washington State: 0.01%. About 1/100 of one percent.

Walla Walla County: 0.0033%. About 3/1000 of one percent.

What shall we conclude?

This data was taken from worldometer and Department of Health websites. It assumes a Walla Walla County population of 61,000.

Greg Fazzari

Walla Walla