Have any of you Warmers checked our weather lately? If the Earth has been warming steadily every year for the past 100 years or so (as stated by one of your letter writers) caused by man’s burning of fossil fuels, wouldn’t we have been fried by now (as predicted in the 1980s by those Warmers)?

Oh, by the way, why didn’t the oceans rise and destroy nations by year 2000? Why do we still have snow in the winters? Could it possibly be that those well-paid pro-Warmers and their computer models are wrong and, as evidenced by our existing climate, we are not in a bad way after all.  

In fact we are probably living in the best climate in many centuries. We could however use a little more C02 that would then result in the greatest crop production of all times. Remember, C02 is a necessary and valuable life saving odorless and sightless gas that we exhale with each breath we take and which vegetation, trees and crops inhale in order to grow. C02 is not a pollutant!

By the Warmers’ theory, if you increase C02, you will be increasing warmth around the world — so, conversely if you reduce C02, you will cool the Earth and then what — another Ice Age? No, not really, because there is no correlation and without correlation, there is no causation.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her liberal Democrat Party tell us that unless we get rid of fossil fuels, we will all parish in 10 years or so. Based upon what? What has changed from 30 years ago?

They were wrong then and our climate is not significantly different now. In fact, America is cooler now than it was in the 1990s. Further, even if you eliminated all fossil fuels, which you cannot do without destroying our economy and way of life, it will have no affect upon our climate.

If you think I am wrong, please tell me what country that has tried to go green and managed to change its climate — not Canada, not Sweden, which by the way is strapped for electricity as its solar and wind turbines aren’t getting it done, nor any of the other 50 or so nations.

However, they have added a substantial burden to their citizens by going green in higher cost for electricity to cool them. Why haven’t they been able to reduce temperatures even after they reduced man’s C02 emissions? Da — could it be that man-made C02 isn’t responsible for any change in our climate?

Jerry Votendahl  

Walla Walla

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