I’ve noticed several Walla Walla Union-Bulletin editorials in the Tri-City Herald over the last several months. I wondered why they were publishing from a small town paper like the U-B? Evidently, the Herald is having trouble filling space in the paper. But, if you read the Herald, you are not surprised since most of the news comes from all over the country and the world. But, a Walla Walla editorial piece just has me in shock.

The opinion in the editorials are not surprising in themselves. Liberal, biased, untruthful and drivel.

But your concerns for the free press has me laughing. When you really get worried about the First Amendment rights, you’d be calling out the militia. Oh, not really, that presupposes a Second Amendment? It takes the whole Constitution to have a country like the good old USA.

The Constitution has an administrative branch, a legislative branch and judicial branch. Regardless, of the bickering between the president and lawmakers at this time in history, I am still counting on the judicial, which seems to have the cooler heads no matter what its judges’ presumed politics. I would hope the Constitution is in good hands including the freedom of the press?

If not, then it must be the end??

 James Schueler