I appreciate the peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters for the awareness they are bringing to our community. As a black woman, I implore you to take the next important step: The dismantling of systemic racism and police brutality in our country. It’s hard work, but to those who are ready to step up and do more, here are a few suggestions:

Email and call your city officials to adopt the #8canwait policies from Campaign Zero. These 8 polices can decrease police violence by up to 72%.

Educate yourself. Read books such as Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram X. Kendi and Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad. Watch movies such as Just Mercy, 13th, and When They See Us. All can be found on Netflix. 

Give black people a space at the table, actively listen to our views, and do not silence us but rather uplift our voices. Support black businesses and businesses that hire black people. Hire black educators and support them. Recruit black people to be on your boards and commissions. Elect black candidates, locally and at both the state and federal levels.

Support my Emerge WA Black sisters. Support Joy Stanford for the 26th Legislative District  House seat. Support Jamila Taylor for the 30th Legislative District House seat. Support Sharonda Amamilo for Thurston County Superior Court judge. Support Kristen Harris-Talley for the 37th Legislative District House seat. Support April Berg for the 44th Legislative District House seat. These are highly qualified black women who are ready to lead.

Black Americans are tired. Tired of our people dying, tired of changing who we are to make white Americans comfortable, tired of fighting for the freedoms we’re told we have.

Thanks for taking a stand and joining us in this fight for equality and justice for all.

Kathy Mulkerin

  Walla Walla