Steve Moss is an outstanding candidate to represent the at-large Position 7 on Walla Walla’s City Council.

I have known Steve and worked with him as CEO of Blue Mountain Action Council for over 15 years. He reflects the following:

 A deep and realistic understanding of how the neighborhoods of Walla Walla work and the challenges they face ranging from homelessness to housing.

A comprehensive working knowledge of affordable housing — how it is financed, managed, and developed.

An abiding interest in the future of Walla Walla as a community where everyone has the opportunity to prosper.

An entrepreneurial spirit that looks to address challenges by using a systems approach to identify enduring change rather than a singular focus on short-term fixes.

A selfless collaborative approach that brings people together, provides an opportunity to hear all voices, respects those with whom you disagree, and sees differences as assets.

 Our community is fortunate to have Steve willing to serve.

 Jock Edwards

Walla Walla