It seems to me that the citizens of Walla Walla would be concerned about the reported drop in numbers of schoolchildren here. Closing Blue Ridge would not be fair to the children remaining within the Blue Ridge boundaries, making them go another school farther away.  

As you see, they are all concentrated in the southeast corner of town, which happens to be the area where there are the most single-family dwellings in the city.

And now the city wants to annex the southeast even farther, with more single-family homes, leaving a vacuum of housing for families on the west side. More families with children will move away from this area, I fear.

We already lack a grocery store for the families on the northwest side of town, while two large buildings that could have grocery marketplaces remain empty in the Town Center. The Town Center also needs a “fun” family entertainment business to liven it up.

There is acreage on the northwest side that had recently been annexed, and new affordable single-family dwellings could be added, addressing the lack of family housing.

Unlike the proposed annexation in the far southeast, the housing would be close to town, bringing in the vitality of families with school-age children.

Please tell the Walla Walla School District that closing Blue Ridge would be a bad idea. The thought makes me sad and I feel it would be a big mistake.  Saving money isn’t everything. The kids need a neighborhood school, and the neighborhood needs more kids.

Sharon K. Schiller

 Walla Walla

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