Hillary Clinton apologists ignore her history of despicable acts, scandals and controversies, most of which should disqualify her candidacy.

Consider the long list of highly questionable activities from Whitewater to various well-documented “gates” including Travelgate, FBI filegate, Fostergate, Juanita Broaderick rapegate (Hillary enabling Bill’s sexually predatory behavior), and also the reprehensible conduct whereby lawyer Hillary defended the rapist of 12-year-old Cathy Shelton while knowing the 41-year-old molester was guilty — and yet laughing about it.

Most disqualifying are two aspects about which I’ve had some experience: Protection of Americans working in dangerous overseas locations (like Benghazi) and protection of classified information. 

Hillary failed in both areas and it directly led not only to four American deaths in Benghazi but possibly deaths of unknown agents in denied areas because their covers may have been blown having been compromised by Hillary’s use of an unauthorized email server. I believe she intentionally refused to use government-provided secure communications — which I know such VIPs are provided and briefed upon — to circumvent oversight and access by congress and also the public via the Freedom of Information Act. 

I believe that is indictable. Claiming Condi Rice and Colin Powell did the same is erroneous. They did not use a private, unclassified server for classified material.

I’ve worked with classified material well above top secret on a daily basis for almost 30 years and am aghast that Hillary Clinton routinely compromised (exposed) such material. Further, being aware of how foreign intelligence services such as those of Russia, the PRC and others operate, I remain convinced that every single email Hillary Clinton ever sent on that server while Secretary of State was read by those intelligence agencies. That’s what they do.

Regarding Benghazi: I served in many embassies around the world including several in the Middle East (including Beirut and Khartoum). 

I always felt secure in the knowledge that, although we were armed with personal weapons, training and the best intelligence available, the full power of the U.S. government had our backs if we were ever attacked. I once met, for example, with a SEAL Team member to coordinate contingency plans to evacuate an embassy roof or location in the desert if necessary.

Having served eight presidents, I would never have felt secure under an incompetent Barack Obama or a more-incompetent Hillary Clinton. 

If she is elected we are in trouble.

 Steve Singleton

Walla Walla