Once again, it’s time to feed the lions. It appears that central planning (yes, it didn’t work in Russia either) is making a backdoor maneuver to annex a section of property it has no legitimate right to unless it claims eminent domain, which is ridiculous since the property is not in the city of Walla Walla in the first place, and it can’t claim something it does not have jurisdiction over.

For of all, Walla Walla lacks the population (at least 250,000) to even qualify for a planning commission. That’s what makes Walla Walla unique. It’s not a megalopolis, but it is bursting at the seams, and crowded, (hint) stop while you are ahead.

You can’t possibly increase the tax base unless you grow more marijuana, and believe me, you are chewing up the truck gardens for housing, and housing makes no one wealthy but bankers. Do you have to go back to 2007 and the housing debacle to relearn that lesson?

Meanwhile, do we need to look at gentrification. Does Silicon Valley ring a bell; it runs on the stock market, and that’s the money for your retirement.

Those who are on the fringes are relocating to Walla Walla because they can’t afford housing prices. Silicon Valley is working on Artificial Intelligence, which is gong to do everything for you automatically, which is a questionable place for profit, by investing in something for doing nothing.

Meanwhile back at the Bar S: If you want to buy my property through eminent domain instead of paving the streets in the original city, more power to you.

You can’t drink your way out, you can’t smoke your way out, and you can’t pave your way out, so I would suggest you are on the way out with your backdoor illegal annexation. You can’t go around stealing people’s property because claim jumping is illegal no matter where you are from or who you think you are.

It’s unconstitutional. I’m not paying the property tax necessary to develop someone else’s bank account.

Fred Bainter

Walla Walla   

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