Frances Chvatal is running for the Washington state House of Representatives. She is by far the best candidate to represent us in Olympia.

Frances was born in Walla Walla and raised on a farm near Touchet. She was involved in all aspects of farm life from driving wheat trucks and changing sprinkler pipes to FFA.

After high school, she went to WSU earning a bachelor of science degree in nursing. Along with working in neuroscience units in Boise, Baltimore and at the Burn Center at Harborview, she spent 22 years here at Providence St. Mary Medical Center supervising 120 employees.

Her responsibilities included making sure all safety regulations were met, and in doing so she earned the respect of doctors and nurses alike.

She has lived in Walla Walla County for most of her life, aware of the problems farmers face and equally aware of the hard work of local people to preserve the clean air and water and healthy environment we prize here.

She knows that food, air and water safety regulations determine both our health and our quality of life.

Frances’ background in science is needed to evaluate the current health risks we all face; from E. coli to salmonella to coronavirus.

We can’t forget that this COVID-19 pandemic started in an area that did not regulate animal food products, so a lethal virus made the jump from animals to humans, resulting in immense loss of life, loss of jobs and loss of incomes. None of us wantsto go through this again.

Some people today believe that we only need to deregulate and lower taxes to help our agricultural base and our businesses be successful. Those solutions are not enough to address today’s problems. Frances has the knowledge of farming issues that our representative in Olympia needs, plus the knowledge of how disease outbreaks impact people more acutely in areas that lack regulations for clean air, water and food safety. She can evaluate what regulations we need and which ones we do not.

Frances will be the representative who can solve today’s issues, through applied science knowledge. Her focus is to listen to our concerns and problems and to act on those — not push a prescribed agenda through the Legislature.

Send the candidate with experience in both farming and health issues to Olympia. Vote for experience and knowledge — vote for Frances .

Patricia Donovan

Walla Walla