I voted for Frances Chvatal.

Serving with Frances on the St. Mary  Community Ministry Board, I have learned to rely on her good judgment. Frances grew up on a farm in Touchet and learned the values of hard work early in her life.

I see this work ethic in the way she helps to guide our St. Mary Community Benefits Committee. She studies new topics and asks the most insightful questions, helping us figure out how to use extremely limited resources to assist the most people possible.

Our best legislators make wise decisions about scare resources.

Frances is smart and I have learned from her. Health care is extremely complicated. Advancements come quickly and change even faster.

On our Board, I see that Frances is fearless in approaching new material. Her keen intellect allows her to absorb material quickly and she helps me understand it too. Our best legislators learn quickly and understand what the new knowledge means for their constituents.

Frances is trusted. She is often the person the rest of us ask for a perspective or opinion.

Not the loudest voice in the room and never one to boast on her achievements, her questions and perspective always make our discussions richer.

She uses her lifetime experience as a child of this valley, her education, training, and work experience leading others to inform her decisions. When you spend any time with Frances, you learn that you can trust her. Our best legislators are trustworthy.

In Olympia, the majority party controls the policy agenda and influences how resources are divided. If we elect her, Frances will become a rural county member of the majority party who can speak to urban Puget Sound legislators about the reality of our lives.

Frances will use her influence in the caucus to shape policy and advance legislation with our needs in mind — as it is being formed.

No Republican can promise that, no matter what they know about our needs or how decent they are. A minority party member may only have two or three bills a session that make it to the House floor. Our best legislators have influence for us in Olympia.

State fiscal resources will be strained this January. Rural Eastern Washington will be in a fight to get what we need. We need a respected voice in the room where it happens. Frances will be that voice.

Kathryn Barron

 Walla Walla