Frances Chvatal, raised on a farm near Touchet, is highly qualified to represent Southeastern  Washington in the Washington state Legislature, 16th District, Position 1.

She graduated from Washington State University in 1983 with a bachelor of science degree in nursing, and spent the next 10 years in direct patient care. She and husband, Ron Kammer, with their two children, returned to Walla Walla in 1993.

Frances continued her career at Providence St. Mary Medical Center, where for 22 years she served as a clinical nurse leader, and since 2015, as quality analyst.

Her compassion and hands-on concern for her patients, her scientific background and her experience as a quality analyst, budgeting for maximum patient benefit, are all attributes that will contribute to her powerful representation of the people of Southeastern Washington.

Health-care providers must work as a team. Frances will reach out to those across the aisle, and those who live in Western Washington, representing the needs of Eastern Washington while listening to the needs of others.

Frances brings medical expertise and appreciation of dedicated health-care workers to the battle with COVID-19. She urges Walla Wallans to wear masks inside public places and when unable to social distance outside, thus decreasing COVID cases, protecting lives, and allowing for the further opening of businesses, so essential to business owners and employees.

Because of COVID, 40% of child care facilities are on the verge of closing, preventing parents from returning to work, and Walla Walla schools from proceeding with plans to open half time with physical presence of children, half time online.

Unlike her opponent, Chvatal believes state, county, city governments should financially assist day care centers to stay open. On the federal level, Sen. Patty Murray is sponsoring a bill to include $50 billion for child care in the next COVID relief bill.

Frances believes the police are asked to solve too many problems, including mental health and addiction issues.

She favors a holistic approach with trained mental health and social workers freeing police to be primarily guardians of Walla Wallans, with equal justice for all. She supports preventing homelessness with affordable housing for everyone.

Chvatal knows that the success of agriculture is linked to a healthy environment. She supports family farms and eliminating barriers to fair trade. Go to

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