It is interesting to see that Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat shows up again in our local paper. Apparently he has been elevated since now he occupies the right side of Viewpoints.

Danny’s comments deal with Canadians not wanting Americans to enter their country. I happen to know quite a few Canadians since they are my neighbors in Arizona.

None of those feel as Danny says and all are disappointed with the liberals we put up with and with the liberals who occupy parts of Canada. Danny blames the closure of our northern border on President Trump and Trump is also being blamed for closure of the southern border.

Many Canadians are fed up with how some of our leaders are exhibiting no control of certain cities and states. They don’t want Americans who are permitted to go unpunished for criminal activities in cities like Seattle and Portland.

In my opinion, the reason both southern and northern borders are closed is because of liberals who don’t seem to be able to figure things out.

Several years ago I was permitted to sit though a series of meetings conducted by the Union-Bulletin and one of the big concerns was reduced revenue from subscribers. Correcting that problem might be related to the audience you are trying to reach. Try reporting the truth and not leaning left or right.

Another topic that many seem to avoid is re-electing Trump. I will admit he has some problems but if you are tired of the way our government has performed the last 40 years then don’t consider extending it by voting for his opponent.

It is time that we begin replacing the candidates in both parties. Most are only concerned about getting re-elected and not about representing us. Career politicians aren’t desirable.

Nat Webb

Walla Walla