Chris Hansen’s letter in the Oct. 12 U-B says that Democrats don’t intend to confiscate your guns. That statement contradicts Joe Biden’s website.

The Biden website states that every currently owned “assault weapon” (meaning semi-automatic rifles) and every currently owned “high-capacity magazine” (for both rifles and pistols) will be prohibited the same as machine guns under the National Firearms Act.

Every owner will be required to obtain a machine gun license (which costs $200 and is not permitted for Washington residents) for each item or else submit the items to the government for confiscation. Anyone who even accidentally fails to surrender a spare 11-round clip magazine will instantly become a felon.

According to the Biden website, gun owners who cannot afford the NFA licenses, or who live in states like Washington that do not permit NFA licenses, will be expected to surrender their newly banned firearms and rifle and pistol magazines to the government. U.S. citizens own between 5 million and 10 million AR-15 style rifles, and at least 20 million to 50 million “high-capacity” rifle and pistol magazines. Most modern pistols are designed for “high-capacity” (more than 10 round) magazines.

If Biden’s plan were enacted, the mass surrender of millions of firearms and magazines would resemble the photos of conquered European citizens lining up in 1939 to turn over their guns to the invading armies.

L.G. Wade

Walla Walla