The size of debt being placed on our children’s shoulders is tremendous. Let’s make sure they are not further parasitized by federal taxes that are not fair and equal per capita between states.

Aesop’s Fable “The Ant and The Grasshopper” provides part of the characteristics used for people’s behavior below. Ants represent people who are cooperative, loyal, diligent, and preparing for winter.

Grasshoppers represent people who are conniving, parasitic, and want ants everywhere to support their spending through the winter.

Grasshoppers have a long history of redirecting tax funds, over spending and having high state and city taxes.

For example, less than half of Illinois road-tax funds are spent on roads.

Grasshoppers have schemes. They want to rig the federal tax code to let their ants pay less federal tax than ants, at the same income level, in a non-grasshopper run state.

Scheme 1 is setting a maximum tax percentage for the total of all taxes. Scheme 2 is known as the SALT (state and local taxes) deduction for federal taxes. With scheme 1 or 2 in place, grasshoppers would tell their ants, “Since it will reduce your federal taxes let’s increase your state and city taxes.”

It’s not about the grasshoppers helping their state’s ants. It’s about keeping the state’s grasshoppers and unsound-budget items in place.

Fair and equal federal tax treatment for all ants would start with no scheme 1 or 2, federal taxes have to come first, and no state taxes can be charged on monies paid in federal taxes.

Of course big tax-money redirections, by grasshoppers, are often slipped through when crisis legislation is passed. If something like schemes 1 and/or 2 slips through, be sure you don’t re-elect anyone who voted for it.

Clark H. Derdeyn

Walla Walla