There are a lot of Hispanics and Latinos in the Walla Walla Valley. My oldest daughter’s mother was from the Mexican state of Nayarit, one of 31 such states in Mexico.

For those unfamiliar with Mexican geography, Nayarit is on the West Coast, between Jalisco to its south and Sinaloa to the north.

 For President Donald Trump to falsely claim that the United States is suffering an invasion from Mexico — well, he has it exactly backward.

In 1846, President James K. Polk ordered General Winfield Scott to invade Mexico and take Mexico City. Gen. (later president) Zachary Taylor was handling military matters in northern Mexico.

As explained to my friend, the late great poet Ricardo Sanchez of El Paso who died of stomach cancer while a professor at Washington State, the United States conquered Mexico and then gave half of it back. Such unprepossessing generosity.

Those of us who live freely in lands acquired by President Polk (the southern half of the former Oregon Territory also) should not let our patriotism outpace our humility and rectitude.

 President Trump has been accused of many things, but humility and gratitude aren’t two of them. As the son of an immigrant and the husband of another, he and we would benefit if he became cognizant of the ramifications of his incessant jabbering.

It is understandable if Hispanics in El Paso are arming themselves. Hispanics feel they have been turned into targets by his ads for re-election and ill-advised laughter and joking about shooting people. President Trump is not an innocent lamb with a big mouth. Please stop feigning innocence about the effect of broadcast language on deranged individuals

 Los Angeles has as much in common with Mexico City as it does with Washington D.C.

 I’m with Beto O’Rourke in this. He is a young centrist with energy and organizing skills who actually listens to people. He is correct about the El Paso Massacre.

Elected law enforcement officers tell me that it is difficult to identify and keep track of dangerous lone wolf white supremacists. I can identify one who is hiding in plain sight. Hiding behind a teleprompter, a twitter feed, a red power tie. O’Rourke has the guts to lead us forward.

Walla Walla is a bilingual multicultural community. Let us be united and not divided. Peace needs to prevail.

Charles Potts

Walla Walla